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Two boats in 12hrs. No time to take pictures (which wasn't even possible as it was pitch dark), keep on going: pushing my boat and myself. Sir Robin Knox-Johnston agreed to be our patron and so a friendship began. Wow! . It tells a special story….about Adventure and the human spirit, not money or business, or speed, or high tech…but a human endeavour that is too real!! ', Very nice boat but sailing with something projecting 3m out in the water at 20knts is bound to hit something and cause damage in a 24000mile voyage, Dear Alex, i am so proud to be a fan of you. After seeing the repairs that Alex made to Hugo boss I was impressed they decided to push on and would guess the the repairs wouldn't have survived the southern ocean even at reduced speed. Where's the Asgard? There's not mention of ANY world sailing events in Canada sadly. Knox-Johnston was the sole finisher in the race and the first  to sail solo non-stop around the world. The #GGR2022 Virtual fleet progress with todays real time weather...thanks MIKE!! Mais tellement triste qu'il ait dû abandonner. During his three year non-stop solo circumnavigation he wrote me a long letter passed over in Hobart during the second loop. The boat broke in half ahead of the mast bulkhead. He sent me his book before my BOC challenge which I could not read till after I rounded Cape Horn. . Throw back Monday: exactly one year ago I rounded Cape Horn in the Golden Globe Race. from Aïda Valceanu.... this looks like a good yard for a refit!! Does any one know...does Kevin now remain on the boat for the remainder of the race.. will they have enough supplies for the two of them ? Charlotte, Sam , 51 Years ago today on 22nd April 1969 Sir Robin Knox Johnston became the first peson to sail solo Non-stop unassist…, We are ok! Well done guys, thank goodness for a safe recovery , Glad you made it, truly great to see the team effort and buddy system in place. Carry on and enjoy the race position AND the clean hair! :)...Will one win the #GGR2022??? :) ... See MoreSee Less, When you're friends have a plan to become the centre of Nautical Activity and Tourism for the whole of Europe, you know you are in good company...BRAVO! Hope she's OK and not out. Massive respect ✊. But today, we don't hate being able to start the car when we need to, no matter what time of day or night. ... See MoreSee Less, Massive Cargo Loss: Estimated 1,900 Containers Lost or Damaged on ONE Apus – gCaptain, worst single incident in history..1900 Miles NW of Hawaii :(. Knox-Johnston was the sole finisher in the Sunday Times Golden Globe solo round the world race, having set out from Falmouth, England on 14th June 1968 aboard his tiny 32ft ketch Suhaili. I heard that in addition to the two IMOCAs I saw today also you and 14 others we…, Tapio #Lehtinen (via satellite) Didn't respond to my VHF hails (far away, I'm using the hh), would have been nice t…, Tapio #Lehtinen Was becalmed in the morning, now making 4 to 5 kn in a 10 kn S. Two IMOCAs came against me, the fir…, Tapio #Lehtinen (via satellite) My Windpilot windwane took Asteria again through what might be the last gale gustin…, Tapio #Lehtinen (via satellite) But I have made it all the way here anyway and now my landfall to LSO should be eve…, // Golden Globe Race Start – July 1st 2018, // Skippers will sail through Storm Gate – End of October/Early November 2018, // Finish! ...the wind forecast should hold!! Despite the difficulties I encountered there. The psychological impact of that!!! Nothing nicer than clean hair after it’s been dirty for a while.. Le Vendée Globe est à ce jour la plus grande course à la voile autour du monde, en solitaire, sans escale et sans assistance. What do I know, I've never done anything so crazy. The 2018 Golden Globe race will now start from Les Sables d’Olonne, France on July 1 and take the fleet around the five great Capes in the Southern Ocean. Jean Luc Van Den Heede #GGR2018 yacht Matmut ( now owned by GGR 22 entrant Graham Dalton) is at the village and today we were about to put up a huge GGR banner on the boat and flags etc for the crowds. As was the case in the first two editions , none can predict the outcome, other than to say it will be a celebration of the human spirit during a sporting challenge that is incomparable and in many ways unimaginable. . Love to hear her talk about her days, difficult days, with a smile on her face! I think they should be kept to inshore racing. It's kind of refreshing to hear someone be so candid, in any case. Sailing is his life. ***Historic. It's life that is like that and that made us change. . . Partagez et commentez en temps réel, à tout moment de la journée. :) ... See MoreSee Less, VERY INTERESTING!!!! Subjects will include serious and silly opinions on life, Daily routine, wet weather gear, weather reports,communications, drogues,harnesses, food, cooking, writing logs, sleeping-when- in- on what, and with who ( Joke!) Aïda Valceanu pic. Yikes! I needed to catch up with someone ;-). "The chart table has changed. En revanche je suis d'accord avec vous, Don, quand vous dites "the power of sailing " en France, c'est vrai, oui :) Merci d'avoir partagé cette video que je n'avais pas encore vue :). He could be joined by a couple of others in a day or so . MAYDAY ". Still a crazy world hey!! I still have it. The only reflex I've had was grabbing the phone to send this message and take the TPS that I never ' matosse '. But at this time, the foilers are in the lead. this is great it gives even more exposure across europe of this races ! I know and believe that you have your heart given to win this race. Unfortunately it doesn't sell well with sponsors culling whales en route . But don't worry, Alex, you are just a happy guy, you do not have to sit in an office 9/17. He was a multihull sailor, he knows what it's about, but he also knows the sea. The solar system has been colonized by human refugees fleeing aliens (known as "the Invaders"). to think and reflect. The French as usual are showing us how it is done, Merci pour tout! I hit a whale in the N Atlantic, it may well have been a log as well, hit many of those in the Pacific! Pic#lessablesdolonne #ggr2018 #ggr2022…, 322days at sea, alone! They collected the insurance money and vanished. , The faces of true adventurers are expected to demonstrate a bit of wear and tear, it’s a badge of honour ℹ Cette nuit à 3h54 HF, la direction de course du Vendée Globe a pu confirmer que l’opération de transfert de Kevin depuis #YesWeCam vers la frégate de la Marine Nationale Nivôse était réussie. N'oubliez pas que les 2 premiers du classement de la dernière édition étaient à foil, que les 3 1er actuellement sont à foil et qu'il y a toujours eu à peu près 50% d'abandon. #markslats #professionaladventurers #gentlegiant #nextadventure #nextproject #heldopzee #sailing4cancer #nevergiveup #bestrongerthanyourexcuse #ggr2018 #livelifetothefullest #giveitall #madebythesea #sailing #winner #inspirationtalk #legend #workhardplayhard #justdoit #goalgetter #adrenalinerush ... See MoreSee Less, ah hello GGR hello Mark , ah you passed Cap Horn in the dark , I imagine your heart feeling , hope to see you one day for sure , thank you Capt Mark and all équipe GGR ,Jane jane and of course Capt Don ⛵️, Thanks so much. ⛵️. ゴールデングローブ賞 ( ゴールデングローブしょう 、 ( 英: Golden Globe Awards )は、アメリカ合衆国における映画とテレビドラマに与えられる賞。 ハリウッド外国人映画記者協会(Hollywood Foreign Press Association, HFPA)の会員の投票により選定される。 He was Formula 40 champion, you had to see what it was like at the time (Formule 40 was the 80's ORMA of 40’ catamarans ndrl). We have meetings today to discuss it. No time to take pictures (which wasn't even possible as it was pitch dark), keep on going: pushing my boat and myself. We where there Sander Vogelenzang!!! He was forced to walk away a little then afterwards I saw he was staying on the area. Our only woman entrant in the #GGR2022 has a boat and now sails!! Lundi à Paris... Ça sera moins festif , Lot of fun...but the guy on the bottom right did not make it to the start so he became mayor of the town while waiting to join in GGR2030 ;-) Yannick Moreau. :) ... ... See MoreSee Less, Time flies and in a few weeks Mark Slats sets off again in the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Rowing challenge. Every man can now see what the real MOB is like! Come on Alex, fix the boat and get after Charal. PPL PHOTO AGENCY LTD – COPYRIGHT RESERVED PHOTO CREDIT: Knox-Johnston Archive/PPL TEL: +44 (0)1243 555561 Email: Web:, ***Historic. Yeah and they sink just enough to attain a neutral buoyancy, that's when you can't see them a bang there goes your keel or rudder. Le categorie dei Golden Globe sono 25: 14 per il cinema e 11 per la televisione. Best of luck to Sam. Hope they had some pressure sensors eventually to understand what happened? It is Valentine, Sr.'s megalomania and obsession with the stage that sets the tone for much of the flashback material. Il nous livre, à coeur ouvert, sa philosophie de vie et de course au large. Fibreglass boat built like a tank. Les Golden … And even if they's too late to go and get it! Merci Jean-Luc d’avoir porté haut nos couleurs ! While his father is auditioning for a role and has left young Kenneth sitting in a waiting room, Valentine wanders a little and gets swept up to audition for a part in a new children's adventure show called "Sparky and His Gang" and is cast in the lead role., Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 22 December 2020, at 00:45. Ce sera pour la prochaine fois!!! Jean-Luc Van den Heede n'est pas seulement le navigateur qu'on surnomme VDH dans le milieu. If your not following her amazing passion, strength , humanity, fun and so entertaining and real video are missing truly special Vendée Globe moments. Just three years ago on Dec 9th 2017 Paris Nautic boat show #GGR2018 Press conference...WHY? It doesn't look easy to deal with. La réaction de Jennifer Aniston au Golden Globe de Brad Pitt vaut le détour Daniele Venturelli via Getty Images Billy Porter a encore mis tout le monde d'accord aux Golden Globes Elaine Bunting finds out what drives him to keep seeking out the solace of the sea, While the Golden Globe Race is for any sailor who really wants to travel that road, with or without sponsors, they certainly are a valuable part of the adventure, especially when marketing $$$ are spent delivering to the rest of the world. The youngsters can’t tell him he's the rearguard (as opposed to avant-garde ndrl). He said, ′′ Damn, you're on board! It is by exercising the latter skill that he runs afoul of the Charonese Mafia, personified by the cold-blooded and nigh-unkillable assassin Isambard Comfort. Bravo to the entire team and especially Alex, Golden Globe Race, it's over... The Ostar and the Whitbread Round the World Race started here but the French truly took it heart and when Plymouth lost interest and the rest is history. France moves into lockdown tonight till Dec. 1st. … #GGR2022. Epic!! Humain, The power of sailing in FRANCE is quite extraordinary.....Emmanuel Macron wanted to personally congratulate Jean Le Cam for the rescue of Kevin Escoffier. New VG boats should not be allowed to take part in the VG race if not have participated in North Atlantic races for one full season; as well they should be inspected and certified by independent yacht designers.... this may reduce such structural disasters. Quel suceur ce pauvre type... avait avait-il besoin de se faire filmer et de faire diffuser sa discussion? This is no joke. And troubles in the office are not only located to the ocean , A hard hit this one. They should redesign these ships, somehow. !....thanks MIKE!! Le skipper fait désormais route vers la Réunion tandis que Jean Le Cam a pu reprendre sa course.Lire ➡ #VG2020 Marine Nationale ... See MoreSee Less, Great outcome AND The great race continues. ? this space....Some jobs happening in Brittany - rudder off - stripped - minor repairs - probably new gudgeons (love that word), hood lining out, deck fittings being fabricated in stainless - old toilet out - new bidet going in ... See MoreSee Less, I hope the dubbed enders show the others there lovely stern all the way around in the GGR22. Le Cams wife what a legend! He fell like folded. Flying :) .not, Another Bloody Rustler 36 :) being transformed into another life!! The Race will go ahead without the crowds. You can follow the fun with his new boat and team mate and support his cancer research fund raising from his FB Page...Good luck BIG Fella!! Ne tirons pas de conclusions hâtives sans fondement technique. I think the point is more "they are too new to be known entities in these conditions". A 1961 Golden Globe awarded to Marilyn Monroe was sold this weekend for $250,000, one of the highest prices fetched at auction for a Golden Globe, according to the auctioneer who brokered the sale Us. Wish we could kisses and h…, IGOR ZARETSKIY has officially withdrawn from the Chichester Class of the 2018 Golden Globe Race. Italy has a fine skipper and boat representing them in #GGR2022!! It’s a different animal, boats should be boats, Jean is famous for very direct comments :-), Et oui les foils paresses peu durable dans les océans du sud, Happy and sad to see Alex Thomson Racing just docked at the V & A Waterfront in Cape Town. Golden Globe Race – L’histoire du mythique Suhaili de Robin Knox-Johnston Suhaili et Joshua sur les pontons à l’occasion de la GGR 2018 Le Suhaili de Robin Knox-Johnston et le Joshua de Bernard Moitessier se sont retrouvés à l’occasion de la nouvelle course autour du monde sans escale et sans assistance au départ des Sables d’Olonne, la Golden Globe Race 2018. Pat Lawless is off on a qualifying sail for the #GGR2022 two years ahead of schedule…looking good, he is on his way home now…sail safe Pat and enjoy…You can follow him on his tracker here. But wondering on how this structural breaking can happen, hull was really so thin built, it is a race in the high latitudes, not a regatta between buoys , architecture should be taking that in consideration ! After seeing the state off Hugo boss I was surprised, the speed and impacts that these boats generate are unbelievable and PRB proved that. I am not so sure? Not Captain Coconut, I assume. Hissez haut !! Sincerely, fortunately I'm physically fit because I assure you it's not simple ".A board by Yes We Cam!When I found myself on board with Jean, we fell into each other's arms.

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Nicole, commerçante à Montgenèvre a comme projet de créer une chambre d’hôte. Elle souhaite être aidé mais habite à 1h45 de Gap, lieu dans lequel elle doit effectuer ses démarches administratives.

Paul, agent de service public va aider Nicole dans ses démarches.

2.Prise de rendez-vous


Prise de rendez-vous

Nicole contacte un agent de la chambre de commerce par téléphone.

L’agent dispose de l’application Visiorendez-vous sur laquelle il peut planifier le rendez-vous. Il détermine le Relais de Services Publics (RSP) le plus proche de chez l’usager grâce à la recherche géographique, ce sera celui de l’Argentière-la-Bessée.

Le rendez-vous est fixé 2 semaines plus tard avec Paul, un agent spécialisé dans la création de chambre d’hôtes.




Le jour du rendez-vous, Nicole se rend au RSP de l’Argentière-la-Bessée, à seulement 25 min de chez elle.

Elle se place en face de l’écran prévu à cet effet, un message s’affiche : «Votre rendez-vous avec Paul, de la chambre de commerce de Gap, va commencer dans 12 minutes…»

Le poste est équipé d’une webcam, d’un scanner et d’une imprimante.

4.Echange visio


Echange visio

A tout moment Nicole peut transmette un document en le plaçant dans le scanner. C’est Paul qui lance la numérisation à distance.

De son côté, l’agent peut imprimer un document sur l’imprimante située à proximité de Nicole.

Paul peut également en partager son écran à Nicole. Lorsque tout est terminé, il met fin à la réunion visio.

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Dans le département des Hautes Alpes, ce sont plus de 25 services publics qui sont disponibles dans 50 relais de service public. Chacun de ces lieux est équipé d’une tablette ou d’un ordinateur, connecté à une imprimante et un scanner sans fil. Chaque usager peut ainsi contacter et travailler avec l’ensemble des service publics du département. Simple pour l’usager car le rendez- vous démarre automatiquement, simple pour l’agent du service public car nous utilisons Microsoft Lync, et économique pour la collectivité.